TeoTrading 17 - 106. Long Signals based on Algorithmic Trading

Teo_Trading 업데이트됨   
This indicator mark patterns that were successful in the past, based on Algorithmic Trading and backtesting.

This Script is for Private Use.

It was designed for Long Signals. Was developed and tested with o group of stocks:
- Argentine Stocks of different sectors: Bank, Energy and Industry.
- Nasdaq technology stocks.
- Petroleum.

Includes Real Time Stastistics.

No purchase recommendations are given. The user must do their own analysis to decide whether to buy.

"A" signal is to make the Analysis. Here the user will see a Yellow Candle.

"V" signal is to Sell. Here the user will see:
- A Green Candle: Sell with Gain using a fixed Stop Gain.
- A Blue Candle: Sell with Gain using a dynamic (variable) Stop Gain.
- A Fuchsia Candle: Sell with lost.

The Orange Candle indicates that a trade is open.

Includes Alerts.

Enabled users will obtain a complete manual.
릴리즈 노트:
Now prints "A" and "V" Letters in Bottom zone.

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