[STRATEGY][RS]The Illusion Strategy V0

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WARNING: this strategy does not work!!
one of the fallacy's of backtesting, renko chars signals usually will give signals when price is allready out of range.
Oct 07
코멘트: for reference this is what happens:
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strategy(title='[STRATEGY][RS]The Illusion Strategy V0', shorttitle='S', overlay=true, pyramiding=3, initial_capital=100000)
trade_size = 10000

buy_entry = close > open
sel_entry = close < open

strategy.entry('buy', long=strategy.long, qty=trade_size, comment='buy', when=buy_entry)
strategy.entry('sell', long=strategy.short, qty=trade_size, comment='sell', when=sel_entry)


for reference this is what happens:
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RIcardo this post needs to be permanently stickied to the top of the backtesting section. There are a lot of errors showing up in some of the strats people are testing (curve fitting, and using future data being the big two Im seeing). Great work from you as always
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