ATR Channels

ATR Channels help you to identify where to place your stop-loss or trailing stop-loss based on price volatility , according to the Average True Range (ATR).
Aug 19
릴리즈 노트: Added more smoothing options. Now you can choose between RMA, EMA, SMA and WMA.
Sep 18
릴리즈 노트: Updated to Pine Script version 4.

Now you can choose a different candle source for each band.
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Hi there
is there any way to change the source of input? You are using ATR "RMA" and can u put some more options EMA , WMA or SMA plz?
garethyeo WinterX
@WinterX, That's a good suggestion. When I have time, I'll look into it.
garethyeo WinterX
@WinterX, Ok done.
WinterX garethyeo
@garethyeo, Excellent work !! Thx u :).
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