Risoluto Nasdaq Futures (NQ) Δ Strategy Script (1H Candle)

Strategy Script for Backtesting

Green Signal: Entry Long position

Red Signal: Exit Long position

Green dot: Stop-loss

The Δ strategy: Maximize profit, tighter loss

The Δ strategy is a short-term strategy with a maximizing profit and a tighter loss.

Generally, the Δ strategy is catered to a one-hour timeframe on Nasdaq Index Futures (NQ).

Risoluto plans on providing additional strategic indicators for each market type and condition in the future.

- This strategic indicator is optimized for a one-hour timeframe for Nasdaq Index Futures (NQ). Although applicable to some other market types and time frames, please check with the strategy script to confirm the applicability.

- This strategic indicator only utilizes closing prices. Fluctuations that occur before the market closes are only regarded as a stand by signal. Entering the position is only done at the closing price of the candle and liquidation is also done at the closing price. Thus, signals will not be repainted.

- This is a paid indicator that will become available after purchase. Currently, purchases can be made through the Naver Smartstore, Paypal or through wire transfer. More methods of payment will be available in the near future.

- This product does not ensure success as a trader.

- After purchasing a membership, buying and selling signals will be sent through the application, Slack.

- Please feel free to address questions through the message.

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