Double EMA RSI Strategy.
N max orders per day, %equity trade size, Time session constraints, TP, SL, Trailing.
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strategy(title='[STRATEGY][RS]DemaRSI V0', shorttitle='D', overlay=false, initial_capital=100000, currency=currency.USD)
src = input(close)
ma_length = input(21)
rsi_length = input(4)
rsi_smooth = input(4)

ma = ema(ema(src, ma_length), ma_length)
marsi = rsi(ma, rsi_length)
smooth = ema(marsi, rsi_smooth)
plot(title='M', series=marsi, color=black)
plot(title='S', series=smooth, color=red)

max_order_per_day = input(6)
trade_size_as_equity_factor = input(false)
trade_size = input(type=float, defval=10000.00) * (trade_size_as_equity_factor ? strategy.equity : 1)
take_profit_in_points = input(100000)
stop_loss_in_points = input(100000)
trail_in_points = input(150)

USE_SESSION = input(true)
trade_session = input(title='Trade Session:', type=string, defval='0400-1500', confirm=false)
istradingsession = not USE_SESSION ? true : not na(time('1', trade_session))

buy_entry = istradingsession and crossover(marsi, smooth)
sel_entry = istradingsession and crossunder(marsi, smooth)

strategy.entry('buy', long=true, qty=trade_size, when=buy_entry)
strategy.entry('sel', long=false, qty=trade_size, when=sel_entry)

strategy.exit('buy.Exit', from_entry='buy', profit=take_profit_in_points, loss=stop_loss_in_points, trail_points=trail_in_points, trail_offset=trail_in_points)
strategy.exit('sel.Exit', from_entry='sel', profit=take_profit_in_points, loss=stop_loss_in_points, trail_points=trail_in_points, trail_offset=trail_in_points)
strategy.close_all(when=not istradingsession)
How does 'trail_offset=trail_in_points' work? Cant get the darn thing to work for some reason
RicardoSantos ArgosyExponential
its the value that price has to track back in points(1/10 of a pip), trail is on by default unless you put a lower value on the stop loss.
RicardoSantos RicardoSantos
misread, offset is the distance from open to the positive to activate trailling stop.
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any ability to set it in % terms rather than ticks/pips?
RicardoSantos ArgosyExponential
not possible on this script
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