[KY]Cumulative Advance Decline Line

(1) What is Cumulative A/D Line?
Cumulative A/D Line is a total of advancing issues - declining issues of all time.
This can be used to know long-term trend.(weeks, months long)
(2) How to use this?
- Add this script to your chart.
- Select the market from "Nasdaq", "NYSE", "Nasdaq+NYSE"
- You could change the moving average.
릴리즈 노트: Deleted "shift" parameter.
릴리즈 노트: Added SMA option.
- choose your favorite moving average type "SMA" or "EMA"
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Dear Sir ,

If i want to use Simple moving average , then what's the settings , say 26 wk
and what is meaning of shift 7 ??
KaibaraYuzan hemangoyal
Hey @hemangoyal,
shift 7k was experimental parameter and not necessary so I deleted it.
And for your first question, do you want to replace the EMA(red line in my chart) with SMA? (Sorry in my script there are sma and ema so I couldn't get.)
Please let me know what you want to illustrate.
hemangoyal KaibaraYuzan

Yes Sir,

You will notice that 26 wk simple moving average works great . I run it in Stock charts but trading view is better so If u can do use of Sma as well.

heartiest gratitude for such wonder ful add on !

Warm regards !
KaibaraYuzan hemangoyal
@hemangoyal, I updated the script and added "SMA" option. You could use "130" days "SMA" for market direction.
But as far as I tried, it did not catch the trend turnaround point well... Maybe I miss something.
If you successfully adjust the parameters, please publish your idea on tradingview.
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