Non-Directional Binary Options Highlighter

Non-Directional ( Volatility Based) Binary Options Highlighter
j.tate 3/20/18
default set for 5-minute EUR/USD
change inputs for other time frames, or to use JPY pairs
dark blue = lowest volatility
pale blue = low volatility , increasing, use caution
dark red = highest volatility
pale red = high volatility , decreasing, use caution
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Can you help with changing currency pair? I don't understand what needs to be changed.
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love it
Very nice script! I never really thought of using volatility as an indication or even how to put it in a script. You have done a great job here. I find the lowest volatility works real good with Nadex 5M binaries. Thanks for sharing.
Hello siretate, you mentioned this is for Binary options so that equal as use for scalping, so I would like to wonder how about use in higher timeframe okay?
@ICEKI, yes sir/ma’am. However, the inputs need to be adjusted to account for the difference in pips per ATR value. So if using 1 hour, that is 12 five-min periods, then 0.0002x12= 0.0024 for example. Adjust to your tastes and risk preference.
ICEKI siretate
@siretate, Sound great, appreciated for your explanation and generous shared to public =D
@ICEKI, Always a pleasure. You can also use this in conjunction with “Max Pip Movement”, a non-overlay indicator that shows volatility of the value in a histogram form.
ICEKI siretate
@siretate, oh really? Thank You so much siretate =D
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