TDI Pro's Analytic Tool by YardleyRosette

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  • This tool simplifies the general rules of a strategy based on Traders Dynamic Index to my best ability.
    The trader must only enter at the most reasonable place, such as when the signal says to buy or sell but it really means a retracement has formed in the view of the trader, for entry into opposite direction.

    For example, using KK_TDI_BH, to see oversold or overbought conditions such as:
    KK_TDI_BH: RSI/TSL crossing up from under 32 level for a good buy entry with MBL under 50.
    Or, RSI/TSL crossing down from above 68 level for a good sell entry with MBL over 50.

    Also, close entry orders are potential reversal entries if overlay MBL declines direction and/or KK_TDI_BH: V.B. squeezes on the time frame or a second time frame used.

    HigherTF MAs, guide in seeing market conditions and support/resistance overall and combination of them with current time frame to especially help stay in longer-term trades.
    By not entering and exiting blindly with this tool, the trader will be able to do on-the-job training. Will work best with traders using TradingView Pro and above (using multiple charts)

    Strategy Results overview based on FOREX 0.3 lot size

Sistema de compraventas ( Trading ), usando mi herramienta de analítica y en base al Índice Dinámico de Comerciantes.
Se necesita entrenamiento para usarlo a mayor utilidad.

릴리즈 노트:
Use my posts on 'How to use Traders Dynamic Index and Complementary Overlay' to guide yourself in using this tool to cancel out risky trades to minimize losses even more to get the most out of this analytic tool.

This version has been updated to match the moving averages of the updated 'TDI Complementary Overlay by YardleyRosette
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