Klinger Volume Oscillator

This indicator was originally developed by Stephen J. Klinger (Stocks & Commodities , V.15:12 (December, 1997): "Identifying Trends with Volume Analysis").

NOTE: this is the only correct version of Klinger Volume Oscillator in the public library.

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릴리즈 노트:
  • Added more options to choose preferred styling
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Thanks for the indicator! It's working really fine, and it's easy to be noticed the difference with the former one.
+1 응답
everget ecletv
@ecletv, you are welcome!
Hi there, many thanks for this fantastic script! Could you please let me know how I might base the KVO off the Hull Moving Average instead?
+1 응답
everget DarrelChang
@DarrelChang, hi, ty. You need to convert the script to v4 and replace "ema(" in the code by "hma("
+1 응답
@everget, thank you!
which one is the correct one mate?
+1 응답
everget tradeharry
@tradeharry, the 2nd one. with a lot of colors
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