EVWMA VWAP Cross Strategy [QuantNomad]

Continue to experiement with VWAP and EVWMA.
It seems that just simple crosses between VWAP and EVWMA can be pretty good signals. VWAP is a bit choppy so you can use VWAP smoothing input to smoth it a bit.

Here are few other strategies based on EVWMA:


QuantNomad - EVWMA MACD Strategy
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dude !!

seriously thank you for your contribution, help a lost noob a lot here

QuantNomad bitsbybitsimakemyriches
@bitsbybitsimakemyriches, Thanks, dude!
I added a time period for the test, everything is not so rosy, sorry if you set ... test since 2019 year..

strategy("EVWMA VWAP Cross ", shorttitle="EVWMA_VWAP_Cross", overlay=true)

// Inputs
sum_length = input(30, title = "EVWMA Length", type = input.integer)
vwap_smoothing = input(1, title = "VWAP Smoothing", type = input.integer)
//set time
year_start= input(2017, minval=1)
month_start= input(1, minval=1)
day_start= input(1, minval=1)

year_finish= input(2100, minval=1)
month_finish= input(1, minval=1)
day_finish= input(1, minval=1)



metka= tim>tt0 and tim<tt1 ? true : false

// Calculate EVWMA
vol_period = sum(volume, sum_length)

evwma = 0.0
evwma := ((vol_period - volume) * nz(evwma, close) + volume * close) / (vol_period)

vwap_smooth = ema(vwap, vwap_smoothing)

long = crossover( vwap_smooth, evwma)
short = crossunder(vwap_smooth, evwma)

plot(evwma, color = color.blue)
plot(vwap_smooth, color = color.red)

strategy.entry("Long", true, when = long and metka )
strategy.entry("Short", false, when = short )
I was under the impression that you cant use volume indicators in forex and crypto? I am just a rookie, so forgive me my ignorance.
Yes! Very nice.
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