HMA-Kahlman Trend & Trendlines

This script utilizes two modules, Trendlines module (by Joris Duyck) and HMA-Kahlman Trend module. Trendlines module produces crossovers predictive of the next local trend.

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Great work here - again, using a very good base and improving upon it. On @Kirk65 point, I think the volume idea is great - even using something like elders force or the forward-reverse ema to keep you in the trade/avoid the false sell signals. Can you setup alerts based on something like that? Eg, if in uptrend and volume up (force index or something like that), stay in trade, else, sell and go short? maybe stay in a 1h based on a 4h or 15M base on 1h? Contact me if you can - I'll pay for it.
capissimo Hunter-Gatherer
@Hunter-Gatherer, thx for your ideas. Am thinking how to do it...
Hi. I like your Kahlman Strat. However is it possible to code in a volume trigger signal to open/closed buy/sell signal. For instance average volume over certan time more or less to trigger Buy/Sell
signal valid.
Problem with Kahlman is when low volume its worthless to trade.
@Kirk65, haven't pondered about volume-conditioned signal generation. There's a point in it.
Kirk65 capissimo
@capissimo, Kahlman will be a super strat with average volume trigger. :-)
@Kirk65, check this and let me know about your opinion, pls
+1 응답
it's magic!
@ulukay, if it's a Holy Grail, then throw me a dime. If not, let me know about its limits ;)
excellent script,,,keep up the good work...
capissimo jyoti108
@jyoti108, thx)
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