[Alert] Multi MA and information (Five line & sma, ema, vwma)

Hi, everyone.

This script consists of five moving average lines.
The five moving average lines can be selected from ema , sma and vwma respectively.

First, you can select the cross criteria for each moving average line.

Second, you can adjust the price, type, and length information for each line printed on the right side of the chart.

Third, you can determine whether you want to plot a cross signal for each moving average line.

Fourth, you can choose elements for the alerts.
ex) An alert can be generated only when the A line breaks B or C or D or E, Along with A, you can also trigger an alert when a B or C line breaks another line.

Fifth, the information text color according to the trend of each moving average line will change.
You can adjust the length of the rising and falling functions as a condition for color change.

I always cheer for you.
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Thank you so much!!!
Thank you so much!!!
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@jmonaco88, Thx
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