MOST Multi MAs

MOST provides a useful platform to compare the performance of moving averages and/or determine optimum moving average with its parameters to a different markets. Now it has many different moving averages. As a fun, you can compete your favorite moving average with others!

This indicator is free to use, and the code is visible and with mostly turkish syntactic definitions. Many thanks to open source shares about different moving averages. Please share your interesting results. On request, more moving averages could be added to this indicator.

HikmetSezen @HikmetSezen58 on twitter .

Jun 10
릴리즈 노트: On requests English syntax version added as default. Please share your interesting result, request, or errors. Enjoy!

Turkce terimli versiyon icin gerekli aciklama kod icinde verilmistir.
Jun 11
릴리즈 노트: typo...
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привет всем!!! подскажите пож как запустить этот индикатор...? спс
You really don't want to keep a position open for months on perps...
Funding fees will kill you.
hikmetsezen John_Winkelman
@John_Winkelman, on Bitmex you might pay or get interest about your holding position, but there is no guarantee about your a long suffering patience.
perx hikmetsezen
@hikmetsezen, where is good to keep open position for longer periods?
geraoscar1963 hikmetsezen
@hikmetsezen, Hello!!! on the channel mm crypto,your indicator will see!!! I m new,working for Bitmex! help how to set up the indicator...) thanks!
Dear Hikmet ,
Could You Please Assist me Abaut the Intraday and Shorter Term 5-15-60 min Settings for the Scripts ,incl Most Tillson and Mavs Parameters ?

Will be Glad and Appreciated

Thanks ...
Great Job As Usual ,

Really Appreciated it ,

Loooking forward your next Codes

Thanks a Million Hikmet
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