zigzag Pivots v1

So I took the zigzag pivot of my last script , i remove the original zigzag and replace it by % zigzag , then i add the TP % 1 and 2 and by the cross of the uptrend of the zigzag % of the pivot points of support and resistance we can make buy and sell signal (H and L) and take the profit out by the trend using the Take profit 1 and 2.
for each time frame you need to set up the % correctly for the best fit to get optimal results
set also the bar length or resistance to best fit (now its on 20) try maybe 10 or 15
Jan 18
릴리즈 노트: fix signal alert issue
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the min % of change control your zigzag
sal157011 RafaelZioni
@RafaelZioni, When you say " I took the zigzag pivot of my last script" are you refering to this script?
RafaelZioni sal157011
@sal157011, if you check the privius one i said there from where i took the backbobe script , so probably i made stupid mistake in my english, my bad' sorry
RafaelZioni sal157011
@sal157011, yes this one
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