Super Z strategy - Thanks to Rafael Zioni

//Original script
This is a test for verifying if this interesting study works well.
The author, thanks to him!!!, advise a possible repaint because the script uses security function.
Refer to tradingview.com for more info on repainting:
We can see repainting in the following cases:

1- Strategies using calc_on_every_tick=true. A strategy with parameter calc_on_every_tick = false may also be prone to repainting, but to a lesser degree.
(this is not the case, ndr).
2- Using security for requesting data from a resolution higher than the resolution of the chart’s main symbol (i.e. do not use ion weelky chart if you set 1440 (1Day) in inputs)

NOTE: Thanks again to Rafael Zioni. If he requires to delete this strategy, I'll do immediately.
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