Library "catchChecks"
Type Check for Function Builders to allow Single item to be
passed in, and determine what to do with the item, ie: need an x value?
function that allows label, line, box, float, or even a string..
check item type? string ? 'str.tonumber(_item)' can be in the same
switch as a 'line.get_price(_item, bar_index)' both outputting float
or for pulling a value from simple, array, or matrix, one function
that can switch between them. reduce overhead of many functions.
there are many ways to use this tool, the simplest may be
string/floats on one switch or grabbing colors from line/fill/label
please Share any great recipes you come up with!

typeIs(_temp, _doMeth)
  Input anything..
  Determine what it is.

    _temp:   (any) Matrix, Array, or Simple Item
    _doMeth: (bool) True for M/A/S , false for int/float/string.. etc..

  Returns: (string) Type of item checked. ('bool' .. or 'array'.. etc..)
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