GOJWH Balance Of Force

BOF ( Balance Of Force )

The BOF is a centred overlay indicator based on trading volume .

This is overlays "SRI" on the chart and works with it.

- You can understand the flow of volume , and you can see over-buying and over-selling at a glance.

- For channels, the Bollinger Bands and Keltner Channels and Chandelier Exit Strategy were used in combination.

- Trend Cloud is a value that overlays the position on the oscillator of the current price compared to the high and low prices in a chart, showing support and resistance , and also shows the trend.

- Centered Line is marked using a formula based on the open price of 52 candles, and when the closing price exceeds or falls below it, the momentum at that moment is confirmed.

- #1, 2 Support/Resistance play the same role as the trend cloud, but make a difference in resolution.

- "The lagging span" is omitted because there are many explanations on the Internet.
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