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Trend Break trend break+

It automatically draws a trend line and generates signals based on elaborate standards.

It is a secretary who plays an excellent role as an auxiliary tool in the sale and sale.

Trend lines are an important tool in determining the direction of trading.

These indicators are automatic trend line construction and trading signal generation indicators.

The background informs the trend section. The key function is the notation of signals.


It reflects the concept of HH and LL.

What is HH? Abbreviation of Higher High, which means to increase the high point.

What is LL? It stands for Lower Low, which means to lower the low point.

The trend line is created by the basic construction method that connects the highs and the highs, and the lows and the lows.

The basic signal is prepared by generating a signal from the 3 previous candles of the breakthrough of the trend line .

Basic signal; L for long, S for short

When the flow continues in one direction by reflecting the candle flow in ascending and descending order

Create a filtered signal.

Filtering signal; Filtering signals are marked with ★.

The background is the output through direction matching filtering of the double weighted moving average .

Green Background: Uptrend Progress

Red background: downtrend progress

Gray background: neutral zone (rebound, retracement, crossing)

Principle example)

This is an example of a signal with no filtering applied.

This is an example of a filtered signal.


Line color, line shape, whether or not to include a tail when drawing a trend, line thickness
You can choose options such as.

Time frame)

Applicable to all time frames.

Scalping: 1 minute bar, 3 minute bar

Single hit: 3 minutes, 15 minutes, 1 hour

Swing: 1 hour salary, 4 hour salary, daily salary

Applicable market)

Applicable to all markets.

Examples of market application)


Korean stocks (ex: Samsung Electronics )