Dr_Pivots High & Low Extension

- Pivot Point + extended horizontal Lines + Both way
즐겨찾기 스크립트에서 빼기 즐겨찾기 스크립트에 넣기


@Dr-Bull, Thank you, does this script repaints?
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Gornidah Gornidah
oh... it seems it repaints :(
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readnow Gornidah
@Gornidah, what does mean your "repaint"?
Gornidah readnow
@readnow, For what i could see, It shows the BUY values some minutes after we pass a certain time frame. Like per example, there's no buy label at 19:00, it's 19:30 and then it shows a buy label at 19:00.
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Dr-Bull Gornidah
@Gornidah, I didn't make it that way.
It just wanted to see a line linking the previous high and low points.
The lines are intended to find resistance and support lines.
I'm sorry to have misunderstanding you to expect something big.
Is it possible to put alerts on this?
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