FX Profit Calculator

With this indicator, you will be able to see how much you earn in forex in dollar terms.

It asks you 3 things when adding the indicator.
TP point
SL point
Position Entry point

If you have selected the TP point above, the entry zone below it, and the SL point below it, the indicator will automatically understand that there is a BUY order and will make the calculations accordingly.
The same is true for the opposite.

When you use the indicator in any parity, you will have problems switching to other parities.

So either use it only in one parity, or update your targets from the indicator settings at every parity change.

You will get the same error if:
Your trading entry point should be between your TP and SL points. If you do not set it this way, the indicator will warn that please fix it.

If you are in the trade, tick the settings and show the dollar-based profit of your position according to the instant closing price.

The percentage variable works like this:
When you adjust for one parity, shifts occur in the chart when you switch to the other parity. When switching to non-circulating graphics at the same prices, the user is prompted to re-enter so that the graphic does not deteriorate.

BONUS : You can move these lines up and down with your mouse on the graphic :)
릴리즈 노트: OrderName Changed
릴리즈 노트: Guarantee Added.

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