BTC Risk Metric

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- Estimates the risk of BTC price versus the USD
- To be used on the daily timeframe
- Works best on a BTC pair that has a lot of bars, e.g. The Bitcoin All Time History Index
- 0 is the lowest risk, 1 is the highest risk
- Historically, buying when the risk was low and selling when the risk was high would have yielded good ROI
- The risk bands are 0.1 in width and are highlighted on the plot

Typical Strategy:
- weighted DCA into the market when risk <0.5, do nothing between 0. 5-0 .6 and weighted DCA out of the market when risk >0.6
- x = buy amount per DCA interval
- y = 1/10th total BTC held by the user
- if 0 ≤ Risk < 0.1 then buy 5x
- if 0.1 ≤ Risk < 0.2 then buy 4x
- if 0.2 ≤ Risk < 0.3 then buy 3x
- if 0.3 ≤ Risk < 0.4 then buy 2x
- if 0.4 ≤ Risk < 0.5 then buy x
- if 0.5 ≤ Risk < 0.6 then do nothing
- if 0.6 ≤ Risk < 0.7 then sell y
- if 0.7 ≤ Risk < 0.8 then sell 2y
- if 0.8 ≤ Risk < 0.9 then sell 3y
- if 0.9 ≤ Risk ≤ 1.0 then sell 4y

릴리즈 노트: - Changed the default display format
- Added a color gradient for the risk value
- Added an input to select between the gradient and standard blue line
릴리즈 노트: - Added price estimations for risk thresholds
- Uses todays data to estimate the price that corresponds to each risk threshold
- Displays the price corresponding to each threshold on the right side of the chart
- Price estimation display can be turned off and on via user input

- Removed the legacy display mode
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