Diversified Investment EMA Cross Strategy Simulator

This simulating indicator proves that even if you use a simple strategy, you can reduce your risk by diversifying your investments.

The strategy itself is simple.(only long)
Buy when 50 days EMA crosses over 200 days EMA .
Sell ​​when 50 days EMA crosses under 200 days EMA .
Or, stop loss when the asset falls by 2% (eg).

Using this simple strategy on an asset is just a test of your luck.

However, this capital change graph shows that risk can be reduced by diversifying investment into eight assets rather than one asset.


Total Assets Capital Change represents the sum of capital changes for 8 assets. The gray line is the initial capital.

Each Asset Capital Change represents all eight asset capital changes. In this case, the gray line is displayed as the initial capital divided by 8.

The rest of the options show a graph of capital change for each asset, showing when buys and sells occurred.

And set the start date, initial capital, stop loss %, and commission.

And select the 8 assets you want to invest in and you are ready to go. To effectively reduce risk, uncoupled assets would be better if possible.

The table in the lower right shows the selected asset and color.

Please enjoy the simulation.
릴리즈 노트: first buy plotshape is added
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