Heffae Resolution Commander

This is a script to call resolutions with some math on top of your base resolution.

THIS IS NOT AN INDICATOR TO USE ON A CHART!!! The resolution call function is really useful for your own scripting ideas!

Using the modulo operator to quantize integer values, it works by converting the modified resolution integer to a 4 digit string value.

The function within this script is what is valuable, use it within your own scripts to call funny resolutions otherwise difficult to calculate.

You cannot add series expressions to the resolution value since pine does not allow "series" as a resolution for a security call
  • However, you could easily stack a crapload of these together and use
  • an expression to switch the referenced security function for your purposes.

The SMA and plot overlay are just there to show a visual example of how the function works.

You can view the raw timeframe output integer by getting rid of tostring(x) and // out the security calls,
plotting the raw function outputs.

For those interested in the verbose version of the timeframe mod function, showing all the steps, here is a pastebin:

Cheers! Drop a line / comment if you enjoy or have any questions on how to integrate this into your script@!
The Modulo operator is so much fun!

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