Volume and Moving average,will this model working in real-trade?

Ayden_C 업데이트됨   
i`ve recently made this script through few month,understand me if there are some incorrect grammar or something.
basically this script is based on moving average strategy and the bollinger bands
if the buy volume is bigger than sell volume ,also buy volume is bigger then daily average volume than it`s defined current market is bullish and entered(of course there is some other conditions)
the exit condition is find the highest price after entered,keep refresh the highest price through time and then,if the current price is ?%lower then highest price,it will closed the position.
my question is this : 1 this model will working in real-trade?
2 why the winning rate is 100%?
- i`ve coded if the position margin over -10%,close the position this code isn`t work? or the other profit line is prevent that happened?
릴리즈 노트: added short condition,it will prevent too much gaping current price and entry price.
and if the current price is 10% lower then entry price,it will activate stoploss
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