Adaptive RSI (CryptoLawyer11)

When the price is overbought RSI background will light in red!
the higher it goes up the darker the color will get!

same thing goes for over sold!
when the price goes over sold it will light in green
and lower it gets, it'll get darker !

RSI line it self changes color based on its value, above 65 is light red above 80 is dark red
and when over sold it will become more and more green starting from 50 which is light greem, all the way down to 20 which is lime green!

it has a red line that acts as EMA , once the rsi is below it candle color will become black indicating that its not yet good to buy!
once down trend is over it will return to normal candle color indicating that you can buy !

disclamir: rsi is not something enough to base you entry and exit on, its just an indication of the most probable price direction, look on YouTube for RSI divergence, once you learn it it is easier to spot using my indicator, because the previous HH will be stronger red compared to the current one, HAPPY TRADING !
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