Enhanced Market God - v6 - (beta)

Completely Re-Written from previous versions that will remain free here on Trading View. Version 6 however, is now accepting Beta Registrants on our website:

Register to join - Full release of indicator to come later this month. Plans to expand into automated trading also in the works, stay tuned.

Please allow 24-48 hours for the website to process your beta addition request

The Ghost Alerts are actually fixed now. Took several times of picking through the script to see what didn't align

No repainting what-so-ever. The repaint alert triggered on previous versions was due to a Pine Script 3 common defect in the (security) function, when I was trying to use Heikin Ashi Values. This is no longer the case.

As the others, this newest one happens to be the most accurate. Lets keep that a trend.

This Beta will be completed by mid-April, and removed/scrubbed from here. We are working on several more tools and this is ideally one of many. Messages on here are becoming over-run with questions, support and comments, and this testing period should be good to absorb them. That said, email

if you have any comments, concerns, feedback ETC.

The website will also continue to be developed - I need to generate a lot of content to explain exactly what works in this indicator and the details that can be used to standardized this.

That said, feel free to enjoy 5.3 if you aren't in the beta (5.3 is public within the public library here on TV) and cheers!
Apr 04
릴리즈 노트: Earlier alerts, earlier sell alerts - better accuracy
Apr 29
릴리즈 노트: see
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Eric Thies (personal account)
Founder, MarketGod Trading & Data Analyst


@KingThies_ , Please sir i want to have this indicator. how can i have it please provide me that indicator
+4 응답
Can I get trial?
+1 응답
@KingThies_, I think it will be great, if you add a few alerts. In case not to watch chart every minute))
This is not very difficult but very useful.
+1 응답
I asked for access three days ago, but still got nothing ....
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Daniel01151 Kirill_Profitov
@Kirill_Profitov, Have patience. Check your indicators for an "Invite Only" section.
@Daniel01151, I dont now where is it....
bevansmiller Kirill_Profitov
@Kirill_Profitov, Go to the Indicators. Under the list, you'll see Favorites and under that you'll see Invite-Only Scripts. Click Invite-Only Scripts and you may see it there. I saw it before I got any other notifications. If you hover over it and light the star next to it, it will then appear in your Favorites list. Cheers
Kirill_Profitov bevansmiller
@bevansmiller, i don't have menu "invite only"
KingThies_ Kirill_Profitov
@Kirill_Profitov, working on this now my friend. Sorry, I am a one man team and have a dayjob/ family as well. youll be added in just a sec
@KingThies_, understand bro. Received, thanks!!!
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