Cyatophilum H.A. Swing [ALERT SETUP]

Hi guys, to celebrate the beginning of a new altcoins cycle, I created a Swing trade Indicator. (It's a joke, there will not be any altcoins cycle)

Cyatophilum Heikin Ashi Swing

This indicator will allow us to create one strategy for each pair and never miss those big swings ever again!


This kind of strategy is a safe long term investment, usually played in high timeframes such as 4H, 1D etc.
It is perfect for beginners in trading as the process is very simple: buy and sell when you receive the alert. The high timeframes allows to trade manually by receiving alerts on your phone or email, but you also can automate it if you prefer.
The primary goal of these strategies is to increase your capital faster than someone simply holding the asset.

The trades are made with no leverage and 100% equity. It is for those who want to grow their portfolio fast without risking to lose everything. You can use several strategies at once, in this case split your equity accordingly.


The Heikin Ashi candles are very usefull. This strategy is built upon H.A. candles but is used on normal candles, because H.A. candles price are an average of real candles and we want to know the real price. I did the trick by recalculating the H.A. open, high, low and close with the original formula based on the real candles's ohlc. This allows me to use the strategy tester and backtest with real results.


Creating a signal is as simple as adding the indicator called to your chart and click "Set alert". Select "Once per bar close" for your alert options.

There are 3 alerts:
- BUY OR SELL (for free TV users)

Sample Backtest results



Basic Attention Token/Bitcoin

> > Start using the indicator now < <

Note: This version is the ALERT SETUP. You can find the Backtest version on my profile scripts.
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Automated Strategies with Backtest and Alert Setup
32% of drawdown D-:
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@ligarius, Yes, it's a long only backtest in a bear market.
good job sir, can i use this indicator?
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