ATR Strategy Back test

Original script by HPotter

ATR strategy is profitable.

Buy when it says buy and sell when it says sell.
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@Yo_adriiiiaan.... will please elaborate ur strategy. How it works & its basis ?? when to enter and when to exit ???
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What is the difference between UT Bot and this strategy??
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I just want to understand how this strategy works and what is its basis ??
Any plans to convert it to v4? I am not good at it so I failed :)
Maybe you can do it?
@Yo_adriiiiaan Do you still use this strategy or you have a better algorithm? Also, does it repaint?
Yo_adriiiiaan StarFoxGalaxy
@StarFoxGalaxy, I've made other strategies but this is still pretty reliable. Nah doesn't repaint just wait for close
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try xrp / btc 6h. works great
How do you read the backtest? In 2 years of trading data, it made 22% profit?
Yo_adriiiiaan Archy1992
@Archy1992, Nah change it to 100% equity and it's like 1100% profit
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