kimchi(korea) premium percent - bithumb btc / binance btc

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This script was created to confirm the fear of kimchi premium in the cryptocurrency market.

The basic operation formula is as follows.

premium(percent) = ( BTC KRW - ( BTC USDT x USD KRW ) / ( BTC USDT x USD KRW )) x 100

By calculating the premium, you can check melt up rally.

Looking at the chart, when kimchi's premium reaches 6-8 percent, BTC faces great volatility (mainly downside).

So, a color warning was made for values ​​outside of -2~2%, which is the general kimchi premium (can be changed in settings).

Also, a zero line has been added for readability.

Also, a color change has been added to the ema to see if the value of each market moves in the opposite direction based on the previous candle's closing price. If the two markets move separately, the ema is colored red.

I think this script is a very simple indicator.
It is usually recommended to get value in a large time frame.

Thank you.
릴리즈 노트: Upbit chart is updated in Trading View to change the symbol.
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