Super trend VPT

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So this is Hybrid of VPT and Super trend
buy and sell with alerts included (red and green cross)
릴리즈 노트: change the signal shapes
I suggest you to try to play with setting in order to get best fit as I put it as raw setting in purpose
릴리즈 노트: just some info
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Best Super Trend indicator I have ever found .. Your are the King !!
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Great work , thankyou so much for sharing, do we set the super trend period to the time frame , ie 4 hr =240 min
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@RafaelZioni what is the purpose of the length ?

also it seems like all other supertrend indis on TV are different from https://www.mql5.com/en/code/8268 except yours :)
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Please PM
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For anyone who wants to test the script :
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@RafaelZioni Thank you for all your amazing work, I converted the script into a strategy for backtesting purpose and we got amazing results in the 2H timeframe on BitMEX. Between 01.01.2019 and until now, 351% without leverage, 10263% with 5x leverage and 5505% with 10x leverage. It seems that a leverage of 3x-5x is indicated due to the large movements in the market. As my main job is not developper tools in pinescript, and it is just a hobby, I would need help in configuring the backtesting period, because now it is default from 01.01.2017 until today and I wish I could configure a certain period of time (ex 01.01.2019-30.04.2019).
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I suggest to play with setting of supertrend to find best fit
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Nardo19 RafaelZioni
@RafaelZioni, is there a way to add this to mt4?
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I use this and another one to see the best results for short term and long term along with double macd I really want all three for mt4 if you could help me out I'd be greatly appreciative I really want this for mt4
hi, its stop working, can you please fix it? many thanks in advance
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