Fx Crusher Scalping Indicator V1


Scalping Indicator with Buy and Sell Signals for the 15 min and 5 min Chart. Works on all assets (Crypto, Forex, Stocks, Indices, Commodities and Metals)
Only use in trending markets. Signals in a ranging market are useless.
This Scalping Indicator is different from others because most of the Buy/ Sell signals actually make sense. No counter trend trading and most signals can be very profitable when used right.The single most important goal was to have an indicator that shows signals with a big possible risk reward ratio. Most false signals are filtered out. The Fx Crusher Scalping Indicator is not perfect but it is amazing. You can customize the indicator to get the highest signal quality.


The indicator determines the trend direction by using 3 different smoothed moving averages. A green background shows an uptrend and a red background shows a downtrend.
The strength of the trend is determined by the slope of the individual SMMAs. You can set the slope of every single SMMA for buys and sells individually.
The indicator only shows signals when there is a clear trend on the current timeframe.
Entry signals are generated by a combination of Williams fractals, SMMA crossover, trend angle and RSI condition.


  • Draw Support & Resistance lines on the 4H Chart
  • Determine the overall trend on the 1H Timeframe
  • Go to the 15 min or 5 min Time Frame and have a look at the signals
  • Adjust the slope of every single SMMA in 0. 01 steps until the signals look good
  • Adjust the RSI settings for overbought and oversold condition if necessary
  • Only enter a trade after the candle that prints a signal is closed.
  • Only take buy positions when all SMMAs are going up and don’t touch each other
  • Only take sell positions when all SMMAs are going down and don’t touch each other
  • Only use this Scalping Indicator with proper Risk management and a risk reward ratio of around 1:2.
  • Trail your stop to get the most pips out of the signals. Very often the indicator shows signals right before major moves.


Be careful with buy signals when the market on the higher timeframe (4H and 1H) is in a downtrend and vice versa.
You can make the most profit out of this Indicator when you enter with 2 positions. A quick scalp and a runner. Because there's a lot of signals with huge risk reward ratios but also some unprofitable signals . Therefore make sure you make the best out of the good signals and apply proper risk management to limit losses with bad signals. Stop loss placement according to market structure.

Multiple Signals in a row can show a high probability of a very strong upcoming move. Monitor your trades and secure partials to make the best out of it.

You can select how many signals it is going to show once trend conditions are met. Please be aware that the longer a trend goes, the higher is the probability of a reversal. Therefore the first few signals after all conditions are met are most likely the most profitable.
By setting the slope of the slow SMMA correctly you can filter out most signals in a ranging market.


This is not financial advice. I do everything I can to provide the most accurate buy and sell signals for scalping but past results are no guarantee for future performance.

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Get access to the script here: [url=https://fxcrusher.com/scalping-indicator]https://fxcrusher.com/scalping-indicator[/url]

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