BERLIN Renegade - Entry and Exit

This is the entry and exit part of a larger algorithm called the "BERLIN Renegade". It is based on the NNFX way of trading, with some modifications.

For entry, it consists of Modified Chaikin Oscillator and Advanced MACD . The Advanced MACD is not available on its own, but all others are publically

For exit it consists of the DIDI Index and the QQE line (original idea by Jie). Special thanks to Michael Kuczynski for the idea to include the FTLM digital filter.

Long signal: Green bars (upper and lower are both green)
Short signal: Red bars (upper and lower are both red)
Exit signal: Purple bars (bottom) - DIDI Index with QQE line
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how do i make the exit indicator faster?
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lejmer itzalphz
@itzalphz, Try lowering the Curta (Short) Length, the Media (Medium) Length, and/or the Longa (Long) Length. You could also change the Didi Index MA to a faster MA, like EMA, or lower the QQE Factor.
Does this indicator repaint?
lejmer mattwolf13
@mattwolf13, No. :) Unless you count the open candle. Then it repaints until the candle closes, like basically every other indicator out there, hehe.
hwo to add in tradingview?
Sir @lejmer , If got only one bar horizontally appear each (red and green or green and red) what the action...? Buy or sell...?
lejmer MrMama
@MrMama, Then you dont have a valid signal, so it doesnt signal to either buy or sell.
What is the entry signal?
lejmer wandujar24
@wandujar24, The indicator is meant to be used in conjunction with the other berlin renegade indicators. However, entry for this indicator alone is when two green bars horizontally appear for long signals or two red bars horizontally for short signals. I strongly recommend to not use this indicator alone though.
@lejmer, Hi Sir, How to add this to MT4? Am a basic guy and could not understand how the script covert to Indicator. Can you help me please.
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