Example: Monte Carlo Simulation


Example execution of Monte Carlo Simulation applied to the markets(this is my interpretation of the algo so inconsistencys may appear).

  • the algorithm is very demanding so performance is limited.
릴리즈 노트: added extra comments on the script, description to parameters..
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with your unique abilities, we will soon be able to look forward to the future:) Thanks!
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Maestro, pioneer of innovative techniques. thanks alot for your enormous contributions to the community
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great work !
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Awesome script, Maestro!!!
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Proudly appreciated RicardoSantos for your generosity!
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so let me ask you when do we know if its long or short?
Your contribution is outstanding, thank you very much for sharing the technology!
can you explain the settings in more detail so we will know how and what to adjust???
RicardoSantos TradeBuddy2019
@TradeBuddy2019, done :)
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