Intrabar Price/Volume Change (experimental)

This experimental script shows the intrabar progression of price/volume

It can only be used with live data, when you switch timeframe or ticker, it will start over again.

When you let the script run, you'll get insight of what is going on during the bar progression.

On each tick, when the price goes up, a green line will be drawn,
if it goes down, a red line is drawn. The higher the difference with previous price, the wider the line.
The same with volume (lighter, broader lines), only it will always be drawn in the same direction as price goes.

You can set the max width of the lines, when a spike is larger then previous lines, the rest will be adjusted, so the ratio stays the same

The center line (position can be changed) has 2 colors (only on second and minute timeframes) -> this makes it easy to see the bar progression, each change in color represents a new bar

Lines can be drawn on 2 sides, or at 1 side, also they can be reversed

Many thanks to @LonesomeTheBlue and @LucF for their inspiration, help and guidance!


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