Chaloke System Strategy

Chaloke System Strategy
This is a trend indicator
Atr and 3 moving averages are used
Short 9-day moving average,Medium 15-day moving average,Calculated with a long 24-day moving average.
Atr period : 5

Sht,Mid, Lng calculation method is different

Buying Strategy
long = crossover(Sht,Mid) and close > Sht

Selling Strategy
short = crossunder(Sht, Lng ) or close < Lng

Buy should be done when the barcolor turns green
Sell ​​should be done when barcolor is red
When the barcolor is black, there may be change.
릴리즈 노트: bugs fixed
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Can we use this Intra day or we have to use it for swing trade. Kindly guide me. It seems its nice indicator.
ceyhun mukeshsca
@mukeshsca, test and decide.
@ceyhun, On what time frame we can use it to have more accuracy. Can I use on 15 mts time frame.
ceyhun mukeshsca
@mukeshsca, 1h-4h-Day it will be more consistent if you look in the long run
great script but alert is not workinng please check the code and update
ceyhun coolfireboy
@coolfireboy, alarm may not be added to the strategy
i don't know sorry
Do it work on FX as well?
ceyhun WindFreeze10
@WindFreeze10, yes it works
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