Chanu Delta Indicator

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The Chanu Delta Indicator was created as the price difference between the two markets using the principle that the Bitcoin price fluctuations in the BTCUSD market on the BYBIT exchange are greater in the BTCUSDT market. This indicator shows the strength of the current market's buys and sells, and helps in short-term trading.

Chanu Delta Indicator (Δ) = BTCUSD ($) - BTCUSDT ($) (Unit: Dollar, Source: Close)
● Δ > 100 : Strong Buy
● 20 < Δ < 100 : Buy
● -20 < Δ < 20 : Neutral
● -100 < Δ < -20 : Sell
● Δ < -100 : Strong Sell
릴리즈 노트: Compared to the previous version, the input type of Delta Bull and Delta Bear was changed to float to enable finer backtesting to maximize the profit for the Chanu Delta SL/TP Strategy. In addition, the background color is added to improve readability and visibility. In the Chanu Delta SL/TP strategy, the Long/Short signal of the next candle can be predicted in advance through this indicator, so it is recommended to use them together.
이전 버전 대비 Stop Loss와 Take Profit 기능을 Delta Bull과 Delta Bear의 input type을 float으로 변경하여 좀 더 미세하게 백테스팅이 가능하여 수익률을 극대화한 Chanu Delta SL/TP 전략과 함께 사용이 편리하게 수정하였습니다. 또한, 배경 색을 표시하여 가독성 및 시각성을 향상시켰습니다. Chanu Delta SL/TP 전략에서 다음 캔들의 Long/Short 시그널을 이 지표를 통해 사전에 미리 예측가능하므로 함께 사용하기를 권장합니다.
릴리즈 노트: Minor revision (optimization for Chanu Delta Strategy V3)
- Selectable BTCUSD reference and large amplitude markets
Normalization of Chanu Delta: By dividing the original Chanu Delta value by the price of the reference Bitcoin market, it allows the Chanu Delta strategy to be universally used in the long term despite Bitcoin price fluctuations.
Original Chanu Delta (Previous version) = Price of BTCUSD Large amplitude market - Price of BTCUSD reference market
Normalized Chanu Delta = (Original Chanu Delta / Price of BTCUSD reference market) * 100000
릴리즈 노트: Just Conversion to Pine Script v5
릴리즈 노트: Minor change
Default value of the BTCUSD large amplitude market was changed (BYBIT:BTCUSD)
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