[AngelHouse] The Monster Strategy

Hello, I'm Angelhouse, a crypto analyst and indicator developer. :)

I would like to introduce you to the newly developed "The Monster" strategic indicators.
The indicator is an upgraded version of the existing "All Eating" strategy indicator.

- The "Monster" indicator is a strategic indicator created for crypto market transactions.
- This indicator is based on a four-hour time zone and is a strategic indicator using the intersection of the threshold.
- If a plot is crossed, a call is in progress or crossed, a sales signal is generated.

※ Explanation of the "The Monster" Strategy Indicator v1.0
1. Long & Short: You can configure your swing strategy based on the signal.
The All Eating Strategy indicator is based on a four-hour frame. Due to the logic nature, the signal does not match at a time higher than 4 hours. Therefore, we recommend that you use the indicator only in a time zone of 4 hours or less.
Also, the signal does not have 100% accuracy, so even if you configure a strategy based on the signal, it is recommended that you set the break/break line and respond.

2. Long Feel & Short Feel: The signal is also quite reliable. The strength of the signal is very reliable when a strong rise and a strong fall occur.
However, the downside is that there may be some offbeat in the transverse section. However, even if the index is offbeat, the loss is small, and if the stock price rises or falls, high expected returns can be expected.
You can use the signal alone, but if you use the Long & Short indicator, you can get better results. If the Long Feel & Short Feel signal is also generated where the Long & Short signal is generated, the probability will be higher, right?

3. Candle color: White cans are formed when cans such as dojorpoenor hammer are generated. The cans have a meaning of reversal when they occur after a strong rise or fall, and can continue the trend when they occur during an ongoing trend.

4. Single item band: The single item band consists of the strong area (blue area) and the weak area (red area) based on the reference line. Stock prices can indicate additional gains when they are in the bullish zone, and additional declines when they are in the weak zone.
Also, you can recognize the top of the strong zone as the resistance line and the bottom of the weak zone as the support line.
The cloud stand in the single band should be located in front of the band for 26 days, but it is also recognized as a role of support and resistance.

5. 1D Baseline: The line of one bar is recalled to 4 hours. blue when the reference line is positive, red when negative, and gray when horizontal, and red when the reference line is positive,
Or, in the opposite case, it's time to suspect a trend inflection.

6. Target line : When a specific period is set (default 20 days setting), the target point is provided in each of the 5 lines, from the highest point in the period to the low point of the current bar, and from the lowest point to the high point of the current bar.

※ If you want to obtain access to this indicator with a script dedicated for the first time, please contact the link shown in the signature.

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