Pivotal - Multi Pivot Selector

Pivotal - Multi Pivot Selector

Allows you to set up to 3 distinct sets of pivots , each with their own resolution settings and the
ability to select how many support|resistance levels are shown.

The maximum amount of S|R levels available varies with different pivot types, the options
available are:

• Traditional
• Fibonacci
• Woodie
• Classic
• Fibonacci Extended

...you can select all 3 to be of the same type - or mix and match if that's what floats your boat :)

Added custom resolution selection to exclude lower than 1 hour timeframes, and added options:

• 6, and 12 Hour
• 5 Day
• 3, and 6 Month
• 1 Year


All included pivot calcs were sourced from:


A BIG thankyou to the Pine Dev team for the recent additions of:

• The new 'time_close(_res)' functionality - super helpful for accurate period plotting and drawing
• The new grouping and inline features for script inputs!

Reasons for writing this script publication:

• To practice making scalable code for working with similar datasets.
• Leverage the new Pine Script features mentioned above.

Cheers! - Jay
릴리즈 노트: Important Bugfix Update:
  • In some cases the security() call was not returning the proper price data, this should now be resolved.

..and some minor code tweaks:
  • Pivot array getter functions are now each only given precisely the required data for their individual calculation requirements which means any future changes to security calls can be freely made without having to then make cascade changes to all the pivot getter functions.
  • The HTF Current Open value used by the Woodie Pivot getter is not using a security call, but rather taking the open value of the chart at interval change.

  • Allow each set to have it's own colour pallette options, including price labels.
  • ... allow price labels to be toggled individually for each set?
  • ... show price in right shoulder labels?
릴리즈 노트: Bugfix Update!

  • This should only affect users who trade on extended hours intraday charts.

A big thanks to user @miteysh for not just bringing the issue to my attention - but also providing a quick solution!
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Wow, this script is amazing!
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JayRogers blackcat1402
@blackcat1402, Thankyou very much :)
Hi Jay, Many thanks for the script and your hard work. It's just what I was looking/hoping for :)
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@rPud, You're very welcome!
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JayRogers LonesomeTheBlue
@LonesomeTheBlue, Thankyou :D
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500 코인
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Great work thank you @JayRogers mate I use all the time with Camarilla.
I am looking forward to "Allow each set to have it's own colour pallette options, including price labels.
Here's a nice cup of Yorkshire Tea for ya luv :)
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Very nice! I load multiple Default Pivot indicators with different Time Frame Resolution for this same setup.
Is it possible to also add the "Show historical pivots" and "No of Pivots Back" options to your indicator?
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Hello. I wanted to thank you. The code is also very clean
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