Sniperbot - High Profit Factor Strategy

How to use:

This strategy relies on direction on higher timeframes and entries on lower timeframes.
High profit factor is due to confirmation of trend change rather than entry during start of trends. Hence late entries.

Operate Long and Short (Hold Position)
1. Enter the higher time frame resolution of the strategy you want to operate (W time frame is optimal)
2. Set chart timeframe to 10 minutes (backtesting shows optimal profit at this time frame)
3. Open opposite position once the alert is indicated.

As far as repaint goes, its a common problem with TV scripts. I am not 100% sure about whether the problem exists with this strategy but the probability should be far less. However please PAPER test it and let me know how it goes with you.

1. Tested on stocks(highest profit factor), ETF (high profit factor), Crypto(with fair profit factor)
2. No so good results in Futures
3. Pyramiding is disabled, but can be tried
4. 100% equity is utilized for all trades
5. It doesnt warn you of blackswan events.. sorry ;-)

Disclaimer: Please paper test it before committing real money. I am in no way responsible for your losses.

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