1 Indicator to rule them all

The best combination indicator consisting of 4 SMA's, 4 EMA's, Donchian Channels , Parabolic SAR , Bollinger Bands , Ichimoku Cloud , a trend strength highlight for the bollinger bands background according to the ADX , labels on the chart to draw in when the Directional Index plus and minus cross, and a background highlight for low and high volatility according to the Historical Volatility Percentile.

The Indicators and placed and group intentionally, with the SMA and EMA's next to the Donchian Channels to draw in areas of support and resistance , with the parabolic SAR afterwards for confirmation on entries and exits.
Next are the Bollinger Bands and the Ichimoku cloud , which when used in combination by an experienced trader allows one to see the trend and spot any developing opportunities at a glance. These can be used in combination with the ADX background in the bolls to point out when trends start and end.

The Directional Indexes crossing implies a equilibrium point has been reached between the buy and selling pressure. Finally the background highlight according to low and high periods of volatility does well to ensure you're entering into the best trades at the best times.

These indicators used together in combo with momentum oscillators will lead to a full and complete picture of the trend and the most likely places for future price to come, allowing a holistic view and confluence between different, noncollinear indicators to paint occam's razor onto the charts.
릴리즈 노트: v2 quick patch for DI cross label toggle not working
릴리즈 노트: HVP Background changed to a gradient to better show the change in volatility over time
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