Automatic Order Block + Imbalance by D. Brigaglia

This script combines automatic orderblock and imbalance tracking.

Bullish OB - Blue
Bullish Imbalance - Green

Bearish OB - Red
Bearish Imbalance - Orange

Please note that the actual definitions of orderblock and imbalance are not respected in this script for the sake of simplicity. Scripts that are too complex may overfit some particular chart. Since there is no way to translate the actual ob and imb definitions into pinescript language, I decided to keep it simple.

Ideally, you want to see a bullish OB followed by buy side imbalance, or viceversa. OBs that are broken weakly are generally invalidated, ones that are broken strongly generally become breakers, and you can use them as good support/resistance levels.

Also, a good thing you can do when an OB and an imbalance match, is going in the lower timeframes and catching the structure reversal in the OB or imbalance zone. That may provide excellent RR trades. Always trade with OB that confirm the HTF trend.

Nothing in my content on tradingview is considerable investment advice.
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