TradingLive24 System XRPUSD

This is a script for XRPUSD in 5 minutes resolution.
It will show you when you must to Buy, Sell or Exit from the Crypto.

The strategy has 80% of success. You can modify and adapt it to your requirements.

If you want to have more entries, you only need to modify the parameters 3 and 4, preferably with values less than 20.
Usually, the parameter 4 need to be grater than parameter 3.
The parameters 1 and 2 don't need to be modified, but you can touch them too.

Also, the TakeProfit1 and StopLoss1, usually are greater than TakeProfit2 and StopLoss2.
If you want more success percent, you can modify the TakeProfit with a smaller number.

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