Turbo Trigger

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This indicator is a collaboration between me and Himeyuri, i encourage you to check her profile and follow her


A lot of indicators include a "trigger" line, it can be a smoothed version of another input, in this case the trigger will generate signals from his crosses with the input. The purpose of this indicator is to provide a fast trigger line to generate earlier signals as well as avoiding some whipsaw.

The Indicator

There are two lines, a bull line (blue) and the trigger (orange), when the trigger cross over the bull line a buy signal is generated, when the trigger cross under the bull line a sell signal is generated. The trigger is made from the smoothed difference between the bull and bear line.

smooth control the smoothness of the output. The Bull/Bear Mode is an idea proposed by Himeyuri that involve plotting the bear line instead of the trigger.

Bull/Bear Mode, the lines are somewhat asymmetrical from each others.


We have showcased a new indicator who use a really fast trigger line to generate earlier signals, if some are way to earlier you can still increase smooth in order to correct reactivity. I hope you find a use to it.

Thanks for reading !

A big thanks to Himeyuri who is a great student and great pinescripter.


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