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The trendline script is made for manual input of trendlines using point clicks on the chart. The script will then see if price respects these lines by the parameters you input in settings panel. On a respectable bounce it will print buy/sell arrows. The script also has functionality to send alerts, this is helpful if you want to automate trendlines. I created this script and many others under the bounce manager toolkit to expand on the signalling capabilities of popular drawing tools as I find using just a crossover to be lacking especialy for full automation.

- Line respect: When price moves past this the script will no longer look for entry until a new trend has been established. The line can also be used as a stop loss.
- Confirmation: When price touches the line during a trend it
will wait to cross over this line to confirm a reaction from the line.
- Consolidation filter: A trend filtering system, this is a distance from
the line price has to break to confirm trend direction.
- Stop loss: This can be set to a percentage distance from the low after
bounce. Or it can be set to the line respect line
- Take profit: This can be a fixed take profit target or a risk to reward
based take profit. With risk to reward it will multiply the stop loss
distance by the input and use that to create target (green cross)
- ATR based or % based: there are 2 versions of the script, one for strict
percentage based logic and another one based on ATR values

If you are having problems figuring out which settings to use I recommend you check the Bounce Manager ATR script for reference as this script plots the components:

Zignaly automation settings:
zignaly integration, you can use the settings panel to decide your risk management. Option to use a fixed take profit % or an automatic risk to reward calculation based on the stop loss. Stop loss can get calculated using the max violation setting as a stop loss (this will put stop loss below line respect level) or when not checked it will use 0.01% below the low of the signal candle as stop loss. Just add your zignaly private key in the settings and use any alert function call as alert. Make sure to use zignaly.com/api/signals.php as your webhook url.

The trendlines you see in preview are based on a long term pitchfork on BTCUSDT 10H chart

If 20 trendlines are too much I will be releasing a 5 line input version, this script is more to be used to automate pitchforks, gann boxes etc.

Part of the Honest Algo indicator suite
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Used wrong indicator for thumbnail
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Added a run timer by Hewhomustnotbenamed. This is to ensure subscribers to my service pay on a monthly basis. Without a refresh of the chart the script will stop sending alerts after 30 days.

I also sorted the settings panel out where the line input data shows at the bottom giving the user easier access to the inputs.

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FREE telegram channel —> t.me/honestalgo
FREE telegram channel —> t.me/honestalgo
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