Compare (RSI) MACD

Here I've created an indicator which can be used together with my "Compare ( RSI ) Ticker 3x" Indicator.

It makes it much easier to see the movements between the "RSI Ticker 1" and "RSI Ticker 2/3".

- The white line is the "MACD" of Ticker 1, which is the difference between the "RSI Ticker 1" and "RSI Ticker 2/3".
- The purple line is the "Signal" line, an EMA of the "MACD". (Length is adjustable)
- The "0-line" is the "RSI Ticker 2/3" line, when Ticker 2 is chosen, this will be blue coloured, when Ticker 3 is chosen it will be red.

Because 2 MACD in 1 indicator is way too messy, you only can choose the comparison against Ticker 2 OR Ticker 3.

- In "Settings" > "Inputs" you can enable/disable the second or third Ticker
(If Ticker 2 is enabled, Ticker 3 is disabled and vice versa)
- The second Ticker has multiple choices
- The third you can type any Ticker you want, for example CRYPTOCAP:BNB, BINANCE:ETHUSDT, NASDAQ_DLY:NDX or whatever,
just start typing and you'll see the possibilities (You also can choose between "Cryptocurrencies", "Index", "Forex", ...)

- When the "MACD" crosses the "0-line", arrows will appear, white ones for "MACD", purple ones for the "Signal" line.

- The "Histogram" makes it easier to see the difference between "MACD" and "Signal" line.

- The source of this indicator is adjustable

- When the second chosen Ticker is the same as the first Ticker, of course you will be seeing lines
(because there is no difference between the 2 Tickers, the EMA is visible though)

If you use both "Compare ( RSI ) Ticker 3x" AND "Compare ( RSI ) MACD", of course be aware that you have the same Ticker 2 or 3 in each indicator!
Nov 18
릴리즈 노트: The source is enhanced

Default source = "close" but can be changed to source = "volume"

- Settings > Inputs >
"ON = source 'close' OFF = source 'volume'"
Nov 19
릴리즈 노트: When source = "close" , instead of only "close"
you now have the full options of:
"Open", "High", "Low", "Close", "HL2", "HLC3", "OHLC4", ...
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