Directional Movement Bands [DW]

This is a simple experimental study designed to outline trend activity and volatility .
In this study, the amount of change between current source and source of a specified lookback is calculated, then added to and subtracted from current source.
Next an exponential moving average is taken of the values for smoothing over the specified period.
Lastly, a midline is generated by taking the median of both bands.
릴리즈 노트: Updates:
Expanded the available moving average types. Now, instead of only an exponential moving average, the available moving averages now in this script are:
-Exponential Moving Average
-Simple Moving Average
-Smoothed Moving Average
-Weighted Moving Average
-Volume Weighted Moving Average
-Least Squares Moving Average
-Arnaud Legoux Moving Average
-Hull Moving Average
-Coefficient of Variation Weighted Moving Average
-Fractal Adaptive Moving Average
-Kaufman's Adaptive Moving Average

Added a set of half range bands for a more in depth picture of volatility.

Added a custom color scheme to the midline and bars, which highlights coherent and divergent waves.
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