Vitalik Scalper [30MIN]

Hello !

I think I prepared an interesting bot that is worth testing

this scalper works best on a chart --->> BINANCE:ETHUSDTPERP

I swear this is my around 11-13 attempt to make a stable and solid etherum bot
etherum is extremely difficult to tame using a bot, the price movement is quite wild compared to bitcoin
I decided to make a scalper out of this bot that works on low time frames - 30MIN
additionally, I decided to make it quite fast in all respects
Target point is set to a very low level (0.9%)
in general, with such a target dialing 3800% is almost a miracle
this scalper is extremely efficient, has a huge amount of trades (1800+) while maintaining a high level of% profitable trades (82.4%)
you should also pay attention to the very low stop-loss (3.5%)

in other words: 4 TARGET POINTS > 1 STOP-LOSS

the name of the bot refers to one of the creators of etherum
you should also note that BUY% HOLD etherum from the beginning of backteting is 270%, which means that the total result the bot did based on the transaction

I spend most of my time designing bots on visuals because I'm crazy about that
in the options I added the ability to show various plots such as Bollinger Bands , Support Ressistance, Parabolic SAR
I think this is my first successful bot on etherum, of course we will see how the pointers used will be used in the future

ok, now let's move on to the technical parts:

the bot is made of 4 main factors responsible for opening both longs and shorts:

A) Support and Resistance - this feature has recently been an inseparable part of every bot I write
if you want to see how this function works, turn on plots in settings, in general, it works in such a way that the function finds temporary support and resistance and opens further positions only after the break of these levels,
I introduced the function of changing the candle to deeper colors with each breakthrough
I added additional pointers on which this function depends :
1) ADX
5) RSI

B) Bollinger Bands - this function has also increased the possibilities of opening and closing new positions, it works in such a way that if the candle is closed outside the Bolinger bands, more positions are opened, I focused on this function in order to maintain a high percentage level as much as possible, I set quite controversial values, however, I was guided by the highest possible efficiency,
this function depends on these factors for maximum safety:
2) VOLUME - I used the volume indicator only in two functions, therefore it has a fairly high value and turns on the functions only after a very strong volume candle
3) RSI

C) The Relative Momentum Index was developed by Roger Altman and was introduced in his article in the February, 1993 issue of Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities magazine.
While RSI counts up and down days from close to close, the Relative Momentum Index counts up and down days from the close relative to a close x number of days ago.
this function depends on indicators such as :
1) ADX
2) SAR
3) RSI

D) EMA scalping option, which increase profit net, I set this function to follow the trend in order to additionally pyramid every major move
is dependent on :
1) ADX
4) RSI

to use maximum security, all functions depend on the RSI so that the bot knows "when to stop"
As I wrote above, this bot is 11-13 my attempt to create something good on etherum, which is extremely difficult, the scope of backtesting, it focuses more on the swing market rather than the upward move, so you can say that the bot is quite neutral, I did not add the lever function here, with such values ​​I would recommend maximum use on the levers 2-3x, more may hurt

I greet everyone in these difficult times

See ya <3

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