Ripple - Price Structure

Today we have XRP/USDT on the 1h chart, a lot of individuals have asked my opinion about this cryptocurrency and I'd like to give you all a brief overview.

As you can see we have just experienced a move from 0.007 to 0.075 within just 11 days which is around a 1000% increase in price.

Currently, price is trading in between the 0.618 and 0.786 retracement levels, if we see a break of the 0.786 support level we may see a drop to 0.023 before find support again, thus providing an excellent opportunity to buy!

Now taking a look at the daily chart below, rippled has failed to consistently close above 0.012 although creating an all time high around 0.1 during February 2016. This month we have closed at 0.07 which is 5x the norm.

In addition, the market volume is through the roof as of March 2017, like many other cryptocurrencies.

The main purpose of this post is to highlight the key price structure within the market, refer to this chart whether you're going long or short.

If you want more trading inspiration, connect with me below.
코멘트: I'd just like to update you all on XRP as price is becoming very constricted, I see a move lower to 0.033 before finding support.

My long term outlook is bullish, it will moon within the next month but for now I see a short term decline.
코멘트: Price has now closed below the 0.786 retracement level, expecting further declines before the big move up.

코멘트: The move up has begun :)

Pay close attention to these levels when buying.


hey Lewis, tks for the chart!
I'm newbie in this thing, I'm learning a lot with you.
if is possible, I'd like to know what these levels, are they from Fibonacci? Thank you!
@edcwb, you're welcome! Feel free to check out this post explaining the use of Fibonacci retracements.

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edcwb LewisGlasgow
Thank you for very much @LewisGlasgow,
@edcwb, no worries :)
I bought it around 0.020 like a month ago lol
@ash1309, what exchange did you buy it through? Lol you still holding?
ash1309 LewisGlasgow
@LewisGlasgow, GateHub bro
Yeah for sure, it's so cheap so even if it goes down it barely shows the difference on USD :D
I want to hold it because I hope it will have a big bounce, worth to hold I guess, right?:D
How do I get my hands on this?
@GazPonty, send me a PM and I'll help you out
Hey there, me and my buddies have discussed XRP alot and the shitcoin actually originated from hackforums (lol yes hackforums)
Watch out with this shitcoin it's not trustworthy and it has one of the biggest supply's and premines in the whole industry.
The next big pump will probably be when no one expects it, but a few will see it coming in a few months.

Oh and the pattern is so damn typical too btw

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