BTCUSD Buy Signal on the GT System | Low Risk Trade Activated

BITMEX:XBTUSD   Bitcoin / US Dollar Perpetual Inverse Swap Contract
As the title suggests, my fully coded trading strategy, the GT System, has generated a buy signal @ ~$8,015 (~$8,020 on Bitstamp ). This is after it generated a short @ ~8,288 on 11/10. This previous short trade was taken with 5x leverage and yielded an absolute gain of ~3.2% on the charts. The trailing stop for the short also became a possible long entry as the underlying code printed green filled bars, indicating a bullish shift in momentum.

The short stop did hit whilst the previous candle was filled green and a Long entry has been opened in the vicinity of the trigger (see above). This trade presents a rather small risk as the price stagnation in the last few days allowed the trailing stop/entry to come right up to the price, letting the trade come to the price, rather than the price to the trade. The new stop-loss, as you can see in the snip above, will start out down at the recent swing low (~$7,811) and will start to dynamically trail the price every candle close after the next 12-hour candle.

It is possible we see a retest of the 8900-9500 region, which would be a nice place to take some leveraged profits and possible trap some bulls for a last move down.

Having said that, I do not like making price target prediction and prefer to simply trade the trend as it presents itself. This has been my most profitable strategy and it is the principle that my GT code is built around.

For more info on the code see the related ideas link below and/or contact me on my contact details provided at the bottom of that same link.
Oct 20
액티브 트레이드: it has now been 24 hours and our first trailing stop movement has occurred, now sitting at 7825 (Bitmex) and 7835 (Bitstamp). I typically split the order if there is a difference in price levels between these two exchanges.

Had some more bids fill at 7980, 7930 and 7905 with two more at 7880 and 7860.
hello. how can i use this system?
Gouws199 Transurfer
Hi @Transurfer , thanks for your interest in the system. I see you have already liked the indicator in the related links. All you have to do is favourite it down the bottom right of that page and it will appear in your "Favourites" indicator list. Then you can just add it like any other indicator.
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