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Because I am not good at English, there may be some strange parts in context, but I hope you understand. Thanks :)


Hello, this is Kun :)

I've never been able to start with a kind of greeting from my published idea, but suddenly, why is this?
I started thinking and thinking like a doodle, and I was a little surprised by how many people looked mt publishing and some people sent me personal messages.
So thanks a lot for them.

Thank you for looking at my article, which is always full of subjective analysis.

Invariably, today it is full of very subjective ideas.
If you don't like it, I would really appreciate it if you pressed the back button.

For now, I'm still thinking more down than up.
(It's not that I don't consider the upward at all. Cause... I just love short.)


If it goes like the chart above.
There may be some overshooting, and that should also be considered.


It's not an Eliot wave, it's just a check-up I think.

I wonder if there will be a downward force near the red C point.
If you have any reference to the price range, I hope you will consider some errors.
I don't think about that and check it correctly.;


You shouldn't be distracted by thinking about the bottom by looking at the above 1,2.
I think the picture below should keep thinking.

As mentioned in the previous article, the picture should be kept under consideration until the green line is completely broken.

-> Previous Note :  
Oct 26

W complete
Oct 26

We have to check this line broke or not
Oct 26

Check Fibonacci ratio.
You have to see how much it's going to go up if it's like case 1.
Oct 26
I just wanted to show you what I think.
It's a very subjective idea, not a reference to a sale.
You can think of it as "Oh, Kun's thinking like this."
Oct 27
Personally from the point of view of short, I think it's a good picture to go straight down here.
Oct 27
코멘트: The btc keeps supporting the downward position and not falling down... Be careful as it may go up here enough.

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